In Hebrew Yahel means illuminate. Yahel was founded with the belief that service learning, when done right, can connect people, shed light on real life issues, illuminate personal journeys and promote social change.


The goal of our work is threefold:



Participants on Yahel programs volunteer with Israeli grassroots organizations throughout the country. Great care is taken to identify projects that can benefit from the work of volunteer groups and are sustainable in their impact. Volunteer projects are community-driven and the work is done in close collaboration with community members and local change-makers.



Yahel programs connect participants to the real Israel and its people. Through our programs, participants reach a deeper understanding of some of the key social and environmental issues facing Israeli society today. In addition, it is our hope that participants will form relationships based on respect and understanding creating ties that will last long beyond the program.


Carry it home

Our programs empower participants to become active change agents in Israel as well as in their home communities. We strive to inspire participants to continue a life of civic engagement and service wherever they may be.



Yahel Staff 

Yahel Board