We are pleased that you are considering donating to Yahel. Your support helps us fund our rapidly growing number of programs and is vital in giving young adults the opportunity to give back and contribute to social change efforts in Israel. 
Yahel – Israel Service Learning is a registered Amuta (Non Profit Organization) in Israel. We are able to receive tax deductible donations in the United States through the New Israel Fund. 
Please follow the following instructions carefully to ensure that your donation reaches us in the quickest manner. 


Yahel is a registered Amutah (nonprofit organization) in Israel.


From the US:

In order to make tax-deductible donations to Yahel in the US, donations should be made out to our fiscal sponsor:


Jewish Federations of North America ( JFNA )


Checks should be sent to:


Nikki C. Friedman  

UIA Supplemental Giving Grants Executive 

Jewish Federations of North America

 25 Broadway, Suite 1700

New York, NY 10004-1010



Phone #: 212-284-6619

E-mail: Israelgrants@jewishfederations.org


The following information must be included:


1.       It is recommended that funds be granted to Yahel – Israel Service Learning.

2.       The name and address of the donor.

3.       The designation of the donation (general support).

4.       The paragraph below is required by JFNA to be included in all notifications of new gifts:

5.       We recommend that this contribution be used for Yahel – Israel Service Learning for it's programming in Israel. We understand that this grant to JFNA becomes the property of JFNA and that JFNA has ultimate control, authority, and discretion with regard to its assets.  All grants made by JFNA are in its sole and independent discretion.  The undersigned confirms that no one will receive any tangible benefit or privilege from either JFNA or any suggested charity in return for the grant.  


Please send an e-mail to donate@yahelisrael.com indicating the sum you have donated so that we can properly track it and thank you! 


From Israel

by check:


Make check payable to: יהל - התנדבות ולמידה בישראל and send to Yahel – Israel Service Learning, PO Box 1692, Zichron Yaakov 30900


by bank transfer:

1. Israel Discount Bank Ltd Bank (# 11), Zichron Yaakov Branch (# 095), Account # 108398465 


 In either case, send an e-mail to donate@yahelisrael.com indicating the sum you have donated so that we can properly track it and thank you! 


Via Paypal


You can send us a donation via paypal using the button below





At this time we are unable to provide a tax exempt receipt for donations recived via paypal. You will still receive a receipt for your donation, and a donation via paypal is a wonderful way to get your money to us quickly and with minimum cost to us.