Israel has many wonderful organizations that are hard at work brining about positive change and helping those in need. Yahel puts great emphasis on partnering with organizations that have the capacity to receive volunteers and can offer sustainable work projects that are truly helpful to host communities. We want our groups to have a real impact in the communities that will last beyond the groups’ departure.



Friends by Nature - Community Empowerment

is a non-profit organization established in 2005 with the goal of strengthening and empowering Israeli-Ethiopian communities. The founders of “Friends by Nature” represent a diverse mix of Ethiopian-Israelis and veteran Israelis, both secular and religious. They all share the belief that the success of immigrant communities within Israel is directly linked to strengthening their sense of identity and the family unit in ways that are culturally sensitive and show a deep appreciation for the immigrants’ unique cultural background. At the core of the work is a unique model of community Gar’inim which are part of the larger community. These Gar’inim are groups of young families with similar educational and social values who decided to move together to marginalized neighborhoods in order to contribute and strengthen the communities from within.


Friends by Nature programs include academic assistance programs; work with at risk youth; community gardening; leadership development programs; community activities and more. Programs currently run in Gedera, Kiryat Gat, Be’er Sheva, Yavne, Beit Shemesh, Ashkelon, Rishon L’Tzion and Netivot.




Ariela is a non-profit organization that promotes excellence amongst Ethiopian Jewry in Israel based on our belief that the advancement of outstanding achievers is the most efficient manner to promote true, long lasting social change.The Ariela Foundation works to close the social, educational and economic gaps between the Ethiopian community in Israel and their fellow Israelis.  Since 2008 we have worked with two types of Jewish youth from immigrant Ethiopian families:

1) highly committed Ethiopian students from middle and high schools in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ness Tziona and Gedera; and

2) gifted individual students throughout Israel—in areas ranging from chemistry to cycling, finance to fine art, and everything in between. Our tailored programs help Ethiopian youth to dream, present opportunities previously unavailable, and provide the support needed to realize their fullest potential.

The Ariela Foundation is named in memory of Ariela Batia Goldberg (z”l), the daughter of Ivonne and Daniel Goldberg.  At the age of 19 months, Ariela died in a tragic accident in Los Angeles, California.




is a Jewish–Arab, feminist, non-profit organization for social change established in 1999. The vision of Mahapach-Taghir is a just Israeli society with equal socio-economic and educational opportunities for all, and a strong democratic civil society. Mahapach-Taghir’s main goal is to minimize educational and social gaps in Israeli society. The organization's target groups are the local residents of seven socially and physically marginalized communities - with an emphasis on children, youth and women - and include Kiryat Shmona in the north and Sderot in the south, Kattamonim and Kiryat-Yovel neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv-Yaffo, and the Arabic towns Tamra and Yaffia. College and university students are an additional essential target group, and are a vital component in creating solidarity within the community and in promoting social change. As of today, some six-hundred children and their families, and some two-hundred students participate in activities within the different communities.