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Onward Israel Breakout Shabbaton

Community Activism in the North of Israel

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Presented by Yahel Israel

Yahel trains, supports and inspires individuals and organizations to take part in responsible and sustainable volunteering in Israel alongside local community members.

We strive to create a nuanced conversation and engagement with Israel that is informed by the work of social change makers and the life experiences of the people they serve.

Find out more about the north...


Peki'in is a quaint village in the Upper Galilee region of Israel. Jews inhabited the village during the Second Temple Period and even when in 70CE most Jews were exiled from Israel the Jews of Pekiin remained. Arabs joined the Jewish residents in the 11th century followed by Christians in the 12th century.

Ofakim La'atid

Ofakim La'atid helps to advance the Druze community in Israel for the benefit of the Druze and for the State of Israel. Ofakim La'Atid works to advocate leadership skills amongst youth in the Druze community, build new communities based on the organizations' members for strengthening weaker communities, and they teach Israeli society about the Druze population. Ofakim La'Atid operates in Druze villages all over the country and is run by its members.

Meet Your Shabbaton Staff


Liat Kastner

Liat was born and raised  in New Jersey, and moved to Portland OR for university. She attended Reed College, majoring in Environmental Science and Political Science. She moved to Israel to do the Yahel Social Change fellowship in Lod. It was one of the best years of her life. After Yahel, she moved to Jerusalem where she worked for Hand in Hand bilingual schools. She took a different path during the pandemic and went to pastry school at Bishulim in Tel Aviv and is now a chef! This is Liat's third year staffing Yahel summer seminars.


Nadav Aud

Nadav grew up in Jerusalem. He has a Bachelor's degree in Politics and Communication from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem and a Master's degree in International Community Development from Hebrew University.
He has worked with informal education programs in the USA, Nepal, Greece and Israel and is now a regional director for Project TEN. In his free time, you might find him hiking, reading or making pizza.

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Becca Garfinkel

Becca Garfinkel was raised in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for both undergrad and law school. After completing her law degree, she moved to Jerusalem and now works for the Legal Aid Center for Olim, which assists vulnerable immigrants in obtaining status in
Israel. Becca was a Yahel Social Change Fellow in 2015-2016, where she was proud to be a member
of the first Lod cohort.


Naomi Shipov

Naomi was born in Jerusalem to a repatriated family from Russia.
Growing up, her family loved to hike, and loved to visit historical sites, which ignited her curiosity.
Together, with her love for people, it almost felt natural that she would become a tour guide. Naomi has been a tour guide in Israel for the past 15 years.  She now lives in Haifa. 


Learn more about social change in Israel & find out how you can get involved:

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