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Multiple-day immersive experience

  • Dive deep into local issues over several immersive days.

  • Engage with diverse communities, explore neighborhoods, and meet inspiring local social activists who are driving change. Participate in a variety of service projects that make a tangible impact.

  • This extended stay allows for a deeper connection and a more profound understanding of the issues and the people dedicated to addressing them.


Education from the Ground Up

8:00 - Welcome & pick up with a private bus from Ben Gurion airport.

9:00 - Drive to Aloney Yitzhak Youth Village

10:30 - Arrival at Aloney Yitzhak Youth Village. Welcome & light refreshments. Meeting with Yaakov, the Director of the village. Learn about this unique youth village, the educational philosophy and the stories of the children who call this village their home.

11:00 - Start volunteering in 4 groups: making food for soldiers, working on a local organic farm, building benches and tables for the village. All work will be done together with the teens and staff.

12:30 - Join the the building groups to finish the work

13:00 - Lunch at the village dining room (vegetarian)

14:00 - Conversation with kids from the village & closing

15:00 - Drive to army base

15:30 - Deliver food to soldiers at the base.

16:30 - Drive to Zichron Yaakov

17:00 - Arrival at hotel in Zichron Yaakov. Settle in

18:00 - Conversation with Dana & Rinat about current needs in Israeli society, resilience and service with a focus on our upcoming days together 

19:00 - Dinner at hotel


Community Volunteering

7:00 - Breakfast 

8:00 - Drive to Pardes Hannah Karkur 

8:30 - Meet with Itai Kentor and hear about the Edut 710 project - an initiative to collect testimonials from victims of October 7th attacks.

9:30 - Drive to Hadera

10:00 - Volunteering Project together with Hadera residents at the Beit HaRishonim Community Center. Volunteering will include painting, gardening, packing food packages and more.

12:30 - Catered lunch at Beit HaRishonim

13:30 - Continue volunteering

14:30 - Drive to Kibbutz Magal

15:00 - Tour with Agritours in Kibbutz Magal: geopolitical tour in the area, a tour of the Kibbutz and Olive Oil Tasting

17:00 - Drive back to Ein Shemer

17:30 - Visit the ecological farm in Ein Shemer

19:00 - Dinner with host families   

21:00 - Host families return guests to hotel in Zichron Yaakov


Working the Land

6:30 - Breakfast


7:30 - Leave for Agricultural Volunteering. 


8:00 - Work the land in Ahituv! 


12:00 - Drive back to Zichron Yaakov


12:30 - Change clothes 


13:30 - Tasting tour with Shani Amichai Boneh in Zichron Yaakov. Get to know this picturesque town through local tastes and stories!


15:45 - Finish tour and drive to the Elma Hotel


16:00 - Meeting with evacuees from the North 

17:30 - Drive to Pardes Hannah


18:00 - Visit the artists stables in Pardes Hanna - Karkur + dinner on own


20:00 - Drive back to hotels


Witnessing and Nurturing

7:15 - Breakfast


8:00 - Leave for the drive down south 


10:30 - Beit HaTavshil - food packaging in Ofakim


11:30 - Meet Yahaloma Zhut and tour the Mishor HaGefen neighborhood which was attacked on October 7th


12:30 - Lunch in Ofakim


13:30 - Drive to Tel Aviv


15:30 - Meet with the Hostage Family Forum at hostage square & visit to the square


17:00 - Drive to Restaurant


17:30 - Closing conversation and dinner at Regina Restaurant


19:30 - Drive to Ben Gurion Airport


20:00 - Drop off at Ben Gurion Airport

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