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Yahel's Volunteering Hubs

Yahel's Volunteering Hubs are regional centers that facilitate a wide range of volunteering experiences in local communities across Israel. In addition to running our own programs for young adults, we work in partnership with groups of all ages and backgrounds to create tailor-made volunteering experiences that address real needs throughout Israel, and strengthen connections to Israel for international volunteers.

Volunteering Hub Model

In response to the heightened needs on the ground across Israel, and the increasing interest from international volunteers eager to contribute, we are excited to announce the expansion of our efforts with the launch of two new Yahel Volunteering Hubs to join our Haifa Hub: the Southern Hub, serving southern Israel and based in Ofakim, and the Central Hub, serving central Israel.

Connecting with Local Grassroots Organizations

The Hubs engage international volunteers in Israel in effective, responsible and meaningful short and long-term volunteering experiences regionally, working in partnership with grassroots organizations Yahel has built trusted relationships with over the past 14 years. Yahel's steadfast commitment to providing meaningful volunteering experiences in partnership with local grassroots organizations, not only addresses immediate needs in Israel's communities but also cultivates deeper connections to Israel and Jewish identity amongst international volunteers. 

Authentic Volunteering Experiences

Our Haifa Hub, Southern Hub, and Central Hub welcome all groups visiting Israel to participate in our diverse range of volunteer projects, whether for one day, multiple days, a week, or longer. We are excited to collaborate with both new and existing partners to create impactful experiences. For further details, please contact us at

The new hubs, made possible through the generous support of the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, and the Schafer Family Foundation, follow the success of our Haifa Hub, which has been serving the north of Israel for the past two years in partnership with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston.

Contact us to plan your tailor-made program

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Customizable Service-Learning Experiences

Partner with Yahel Israel to incorporate meaningful volunteering into your itineraries

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Short Service Project

  • Duration: Half-day

  • Engage in meaningful service projects

  • Support the local community while working on projects such as food packaging, fix-up, painting, crafting, and more.

  • Experience a transformative learning session with Yahel on the importance of serving others.

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Full Day Immersive Experience

  • Duration: Full day

  • Immerse yourself in a local social justice issue.

  • Explore the neighborhood, meet inspiring local social activists, and actively participate in service projects.

  • Savor a delicious, locally made meal and participate in a local workshop, community meeting etc.

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Multiple Day Experience

  • Dive deep into local issues over several immersive days.

  • Engage with diverse communities, explore neighborhoods, and meet inspiring local social activists who are driving change. Participate in a variety of service projects that make a tangible impact.

  • This extended stay allows for a deeper connection and a more profound understanding of the issues and the people dedicated to addressing them.

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Let's work in partnership to build service learning experiences that can be customized to match your group's preferences and interests.

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