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Custom Programs


Running high quality service and experiential learning programs is Yahel’s expertise. Our team of passionate professionals can consult with you on staff training, curriculum development, program design and more. As a team, we represent years of work and education in the fields of service learning and sustainability. We use this cumulative experience to offer relevant, impactful consulting to organizations and groups of all sizes. 

Tailor-Made Trips 

At Yahel, we believe that volunteering can be done at any age. We can create one of a kind, service-based programs for groups of any age, with a minimum of 15 participants. We have wonderful relationships with local nonprofits that offer a variety of volunteer projects ranging from community gardening to language instruction, ensuring that your group is fully immersed in Israeli culture and able to connect with the communities in which serve.  

Seminars & Workshops

In addition to full programs, Yahel also offers a variety of short seminars which are aimed at connecting groups with social change initiatives around Israel, showcasing inspiring Israeli community leaders and creating ‘off the beaten path’ experiences around the country. We have pre-planned seminars available lasting 3-5 days, or we can work together to make something tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to learn about the seminars we have offered in the past or to start planning a group workshop. 

Contact us to plan your custom program

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