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Olim Shalav

Service Corps

The Olim Shalav program aims to integrate Olim Hadashim (new immigrants) through community service. It was born out of a realization of the potential that new immigrants hold, but also of the fact that usually, these groups are categorized as requiring support, not as those able to give. This program aims to empower Olim Hadashim, placing them in positions enabling them provide support. Bringing together Olim Hadashim and those in need is a natural partnership. 

We believe volunteering is an effective way of connecting to a new society and different communities, in an authentic and positive manner. Additionally, we believe this provides an effective platform to acquire the language, and we focus on Hebrew learning through this volunteering, as well as group educational and social sessions.

Over 10 weeks of programming in our pilot program, every Oleh has their own volunteer placement depending on their skills and interests. The global nature of our cohorts allows Olim Hadashim the chance to integrate with other olim communities, as opposed to the more natural insular dynamic.

The program has been a resounding success, and has shown to be an effective platform for social integration, and Hebrew language acquisition. You can see the details for our upcoming program and how to apply below.


Upcoming program dates:

May 5th - July 14th

October 20th - December 25th

To apply or learn more, contact Coral, or click below:


This is exactly what I really want, and I'm glad it's a practice.

Thank you, these initiatives are very significant to be able to feel that I am part of this society.

Excellent program. It is necessary to continue this further. It really helps to make new friends and feel better in your new home.

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Want to hear more any of our upcoming programs?

Contact us at

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