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The Yahel Together
Masa 6-Week Volunteer Program

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Yahel Together

Yahel Together is a 6-week volunteer program where you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to and witness the remarkable resilience of Israeli civil society. You will live and volunteer in the diverse and multicultural city of Haifa, fostering a deeper connection with the local community. 

June 2nd, 2024 - July 14th 2024

Hands-On Hope

Following the events of October 7th, 2023 we have and continue to see an incomparable response from an incredibly resilient society. Locals have come together to ensure those in need have access to food, clothing, and necessary services. Social initiatives and organizations have pivoted their work to support and offer their particular skill sets, and many local partnerships between different population groups have strengthened despite rising tensions.


As you engage with our program, you'll delve into the local scene in various ways:

  • Three days a week, you'll contribute individually to local initiatives, working with the city welfare system, youth centers, NGOs, non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and government institutions dedicated to shared society and community action.

  • The remaining two days each week offer collaborative volunteer projects in and around Haifa, and even further afield. These group activities may involve assisting evacuees, engaging in agriculture, participating in shelter cleanup, and more.


In times when civil society in Israel is in need, join us for a 6-week, immersive, volunteer experience offering real insight to Israel on-the-ground and off-the-beaten path. 

Fees, Inclusions, and Eligibility Criteria

Program Fee: $350


  • Housing

  • A living stipend

  • Health and belongings Insurance

  • Travel days and learning sessions

  • Monthly travel card


  • 18-40 years old

  • English speakers

  • Experience working with children, or in a community setting is an advantage

Sample Volunteer Placements

Youth Centers

During the afternoons and early evenings, your role will involve working with at-risk youth. Connect with them, provide opportunities to practice English, and offer a window into a broader experience of the world.


Volunteer in an afterschool program through the Welfare system, supporting younger at-risk children. Assist with homework and foster the development of healthy relationships.

Food Rescue

Collaborate with a local nonprofit dedicated to rescuing surplus food and raising awareness about food waste.


Contribute in an office setting by supporting research for women's advocacy groups or assisting in fundraising initiatives to advance the efforts of local nonprofits.

Elderly Center

Extend a helping hand to elderly citizens during these challenging times by providing companionship and listening to their stories.

Bi-Weekly Group Volunteering

During these collective experiences, you may contribute to refurbishing a community center, organizing a joyful fair for refugee children, planning an enjoyable outing for elderly evacuees, supporting Israeli agriculture with hands-on work, participating in shelter cleanup, and more.

Individual placements are tailored to the preferences and skills of participants, aligning with the specific needs of our valued partners.


We believe in learning by doing; in action-oriented education and relevant, profound experiences that encourage you not only to grow but to ask questions that spark conversation. Our courses range from learning about Israeli society to skill-building and professional development workshops and we strive to keep courses relevant. Throughout your time with us, weeks will be marked by seminars, meetings with local activists, peer-led learning, tours, and time for reflecting on it all. You will hear opinions and understand the realities of all of Israel's diverse communities
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Haifa is a mixed and very multicultural city situated between the Carmel Mountain and the sea with residents from all walks of life. It is a lively and developing city with great markets, cafes, bars, museums, and cultural & educational institutions. It hosts a multitude of religions ranging from the Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) to the Baha’i and Ahmadiyya. Haifa boasts Israel's oldest underground funicular and stands out as one of the few, if not the only, cities with public transportation available on Shabbat. This ensures convenient access to the beach whenever you wish.


During your participation in this program, you'll reside in fully furnished, long-term rental apartments at G38, a residential complex. Each apartment accommodates 2-3 participants, depending on its size, and the building offers convenient amenities like laundry facilities and a delightful rooftop terrace. Centrally located, these accommodations are easily accessible by public transportation.

Living in Haifa

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