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The Yahel
From Crisis to Resilience Fellowship

Yahel is looking for thoughtful volunteers to form part of the rebuilding efforts in our partner communities and beyond

In order to respond to the increased need for volunteers in Israel at this time, we have decided to open applications for a new and unique program, beginning in January, 2024. The Crisis to Resilience Fellowship will bring together everything that makes our fellowships so impactful for both the communities we serve and our participants. However, this program will more intently focus on rebuilding community resilience, and provide a platform for new applicants to join our returning fellows, and engage in meaningful and effective work in support of affected communities. 

Start Date:  January 10, 2024

Flexible start dates between Jan 10 - Feb 10

End Date: June 30, 2024

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

Inside the Program


The core of our Social Change Fellowships is volunteer work, and now more than ever this will be our focus. You will be working in support of both new and existing partners, and will utilize your skills and explore your interests across a wide variety of service work. This might include designing youth programs at a local school to helping empower youth at risk or supporting the work of a grassroots nonprofit. In any case, you will work hand-in-hand with local organizations to create real change at the local level. After 14 years of running the Fellowship, grassroots organizations in Israel know that they can rely on Yahel volunteers. With this in mind, in addition to your long-term placements we will be responding in time to more immediate and individualized community needs, through adding one off volunteer experiences to your programming as required. The need for meaningful service in Israel has never been more profound, and this program offers a chance to directly impact lives that are facing increased challenges at this time.

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We believe in learning by doing; in action-oriented education and relevant, profound experiences that encourage you not only to grow, but to ask questions that spark conversation. Our courses range from learning about Israeli society to skill building and professional development workshops and we strive to keep courses relevant. Throughout your time with us, weeks will be marked by seminars, meeting with local activists, peer-led learning, tours, and time for reflecting on it all. You will hear opinions and understand the realities of all of Israel's diverse communities


The experience of living, volunteering, and learning in local communities will expose you to the rich diversity of Israel while you become part of the very communities you serve. Whether it’s at home in your apartment or celebrating a local holiday with a host family, you will have unlimited opportunities to learn Hebrew, experience real Israeli food and customs, and see the country through the eyes of a local. You’ll form relationships and create memories that last far longer than the fellowship itself. 

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"Yahel is undoubtedly one of the most influential experiences in my life. On Yahel, I entered a community where I did not know anyone. Over the nine months, I cultivated relationships with individuals from a range of ages, socio-economic backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs. I learned how to get along with people despite language differences and developed a strong sense of belonging to a community that was no more than a spot on a map a few months beforehand. I challenged myself, my beliefs, my preconceived notions and developed into a more knowledgeable, empathetic, independent person."

Rachel Lieberman, Yahel Social Change Fellowship 2016-17

How to Join the Yahel Social Change Fellowship:

Step 1: Request More Info

Speak with someone from our team and find out if our fellowship program is for you 

Step 2: Apply

Submit your application! Our application requires personal statements, references, a background check, and a brief health background.

There is a $100 application fee.

Step 3: Interview

Once your application is received, we will be in touch to schedule an interview. Acceptance is on a rolling basis - if you are accepted, we will let you know soon after the interview!

Cotact Form

Request More Info & Speak with a Yahel Staff Member Today!

What does a "week in the life of a fellow" look like?

Where We Work

The Yahel Social Change Fellowship is about serving local communities and rediscovering Israel along the way

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