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Yahel Alumni

Yahel has a large alumni network spread out throughout the world, including Israel. Alumni are invited to join gatherings and unique opportunities in different locations.

Below are examples of what some of our alumni have gone on to do:

Alumni - Jodie Guller

“Community building and activism has to be really intentional to get positive results. The fact that we had learning days to process and learn from activists around the country and how they were building communities in intentional ways was very meaningful. To receive that from all those people who live this life every day, and to be able to take that to our own relationships, interactions, and lives after the program was really important."

Jodie Guller, Yahel Social Change Program 2015-16
Medical Student at the Keck School of Medicine at USC

"More than allowing me to see or experience Israel, Yahel gave me the tools and the opportunity to participate in building a better Israel. Thanks to Yahel, I got the tools to help shape the Israel and the world that I believe in."

Harris Engelman, Yahel Social Change Program 2013-14
Director of Resource Development at Shaharit - Creating Common Cause
Alumni - Harris Engelman
Alumni - Jens Jacobson

"Yahel was an intense experience in terms of teamwork and learning to recognize and value the different strengths people bring to the table. I often think back to Yahel as a reference when I encounter working styles different to my own. As we get involved in our community, we are trying to remember and emulate as far as possible some of the amazing examples of community leadership we witnessed while in Ramat Eliyahu, and hoping to make tikkun olam a regular part of our local community life.”

Jens Jacobson, Yahel Social Change Program 2014-15
Policy Analyst at Transport Canada

"Having a rush or energy about making positive things happen in a community – there’s something really spiritual about that. Having a way to take Jewish values that I connect with and making them real in the world was a very special feeling and Yahel helped facilitate that."

Adrienne Bernstein, Yahel Social Change Program 2015-16
Masters Student at SOAS University of London
Alumni - Adrienne Bernstein
Alumni - Jens Jacobson

"Yahel impacted me in more ways than I could explain, but as one of the members of the first cohort that now has 6 years between my Yahel experience and my current life, I think the impact the program made is now more prevalent when I think about my outlook, my relationships and my profession.”

Rachel Zieleniec Yahel Social Change Program 2010-11
VP of Marketing and Communications at Honeymoon Israel
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