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Yahel Partners

Israel has many wonderful organizations that are hard at work bringing about positive change and helping those in need. Yahel puts great emphasis on partnering with organizations which have the capacity to receive volunteers and can offer sustainable work projects that are truly helpful to host communities. We want our groups to have a real impact in these partner communities, lasting long beyond each groups’ departure

Project Atzmaut

Project Atzmaut is a long-standing organization based in the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood of Rishon LeZion that provides tools for Ethiopian immigrants to integrate into Israeli society. Their activities are centered around education, employment and family life.


Jindas aims to enhance urban regeneration processes in Lod by building and strengthening partnerships between the city's diverse communities, inspiring full resident participation in neighborhood change initiatives, implementing a comprehensive and holistic development program, and restoring Lod's historical status as one of the eminent cities in the region. 
Whereas many view Lod’s multi-cultural make up as an obstacle, Jindas counts the city’s unique history and diversity as among its greatest assets. Jindas is a true grassroots organization working in close partnership with residents, the municipality and other key stakeholders. The organization has emerged as a leader in promoting Lod’s prominence and vitality, establishing the city as a model for success in Israel and beyond.

"Hatachana" Lod Young Adult Center

The new young adult center in Lod is a hub for young people in Lod aimed at giving tools, connecting and serving the young population of Lod. The center gives vocational training and career counseling, engages young adults in social action in Lod, organizes cultural and social events,  assists young parents, assists with information, guidance and courses for college and more.

Friends by Nature - Community Empowerment

Friends by Nature is a non-profit organization established in 2005 with the goal of strengthening and empowering Israeli Ethiopian communities. The founders of “Friends by Nature” represent a diverse mix of Ethiopian Israelis and veteran Israelis, both secular and religious. They all share the belief that the success of immigrant communities within Israel is directly linked to strengthening their sense of identity and the family unit in ways that are culturally sensitive and show a deep appreciation for the immigrants’ unique cultural background. At the core of the work is a unique model of community Gar’inim which are part of the larger community. These Gar’inim are groups of young families with similar educational and social values who decided to move together to marginalized neighborhoods in order to contribute and strengthen the communities from within.
Friends by Nature’s programs include academic assistance programs, work with at risk youth, community gardening, leadership development programs, community activities and more. Programs currently run in Gedera, Kiryat Gat, Be’er Sheva, Yavne, Beit Shemesh, Ashkelon, Rishon L’Tzion and Netivot.

Horizons for the Future (Ofakim L’Atid)

Horizons for the Future was founded to help support the Druze community in Israel for the benefit of both the Druze and the entire state of Israel. The Druze community currently suffers due to gaps in education, lack of strong, modern leadership and weak internal economics.
Horizons for the Future was founded to help create a promising future for the Druze community and address the current identity crisis amongst the Druze regarding their relationship to the State of Israel. The organization wants to work from within to encourage Druze community members to feel a pride and connection to their heritage and history.
Horizons for the Future is an umbrella organization with more than 300 members, representing all of the Druze villages throughout Israel. There are about 100,000 Druze residents living in Israel, 20,000 of them located in the Golan Heights. They represent the young and modern leaders of the community and encourage the carrying on of the unique Druze tradition with the will to progress.

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