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Lod- A Photo Series

Today's blogpost was written by Grace Robinson, a Yahel Social Change fellow living, learning and volunteering for 9-months in the city of Lod.

Lod can sometimes feel dark. With the help of iPhones and roommates, I’d like to share its moments of beauty and light.

Outside Rimon Elementary School, Lod’s flourishing school for students with disabilities.

Mysterious stairs in the Arches Building, an ancient olive oil press, in the Old City in Lod.

A weekend sun-nap in the park in front of the library outside my house.

Glowing skyline in the Old City.

Walking to work between the walls of St. George’s Church and el-Omari mosque.

Outside the farm school in Lod, where students are bussed to tend to vegetables and flowers.

Moody skies in the Old City.

Candy swirls over new high-rises.

Lod in a moment - a lot of garbage, but you can’t help but look upward.

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