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Short Service Projects

  • Duration: Half-day

  • Engage in meaningful service projects

  • Support the local community while working on projects such as food packaging, fix-up, painting, crafting, and more.

  • Experience a transformative learning session with Yahel on the importance of serving others.


Arrival to Hadar Youth Center


Introductions and explanation about the day



Service in the youth center: clean-up of outside area, organising inside areas, creating hand-made games, painting walls, prepare lunch for the youth, and more.



Learning session with Yahel about the importance of service

Service Project Examples

In addition to the sample itinerary above, here's a sampling of the short service experiences we can create together. Each itinerary will be tailored to meet real needs on the ground and aligned with the volunteers' backgrounds and interests.

Service learning with the Bedouin community

Meet with one of our grassroots partners working in the Negev. Hear about the Bedouin community & culture and situation post Oct. 7th. Engage in a hands-on volunteer project (food packaging, educational fair for kids or fix-up project). Conclude with a workshop or encounter with local Bedouin women.

Service learning in Haifa

Start the day with a lovely lookout from the Louis Promenade and a welcome to Haifa. Continue to a community based project (fixing up a youth center, community center, welfare afterschool program club or food packaging/ an activity fair for children). After a local lunch, continue for a learning session with Yahel or meeting with local changemakers or meet with a local Ethiopian women’s group.

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Together we can build service learning experiences that can be customized to match your group's preferences and interests.

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